Pet Visits

You might have a puppy who isn't quite ready for walks yet or an elderly dog who just needs to see a friendly face. For these pets we offer a visiting services to provide comfort breaks, feeding if required, play time and cuddles.

Star Paws not only care for canine companions, we are very experienced at looking after cats and small animals too.

Our pet visiting service means your pets are in the comfort of their own home whilst you are away.We follow your cats’ usual feeding routine and can do longer visits for playtime, cuddles or extra attention, minimising stress and anxiety. We offer 15 and 30 minute visits once or twice daily to ensure that your cat has a frequent visitor depending on their needs.

Star Paws will carry out all necessary duties including feeding, change water, cleaning of litter tray, brushing, playtime, cleaning of pet areas and any accidents and medication. In addition, we can also provide home security, making your home looked ‘occupied’ by carrying out basic home duties; bringing in the post, switching lights on/off, closing/opening curtains and putting the bins and recycling out/in.

For your peace of mind, we can send you regular updates of your pet via text, what's app or on Facebook!

Please be assured we have been closely following all government and local authority guidance throughout the Covid 19 pandemic and our dog walkers have PPE, hand sanitisers and cleaning products to ensure maximum protection when visiting your home.

Pet VisitsPet VisitsPet VisitsPet VisitsPet VisitsPet Visits

Pet VisitsPet VisitsPet VisitsPet VisitsPet VisitsPet Visits